Why can be described in 3 words.

Soul, Subtlety,Passion

The company strongly believes in the uniqueness of every individual and aims to break away from the societal tendency to categorize and stereotype people. They recognize that in today's society, people often find themselves boxed into predefined roles or expectations.

Why, on the other hand, is committed to celebrating individuality and uniqueness. Through our limited collections, we strive to create pieces that are crafted with subtlety and passion, paying meticulous attention to small details. While not everyone may consciously notice these intricate details, Why believes that everyone can sense the charisma and presence of someone who wear our pieces.

By emphasizing the importance of individuality and uniqueness, Why aims to make people realize their own distinctiveness. Their products serve as a means for individuals to express their personal style and stand out from the crowd, challenging the limitations imposed by societal stereotypes.

Overall, Why's approach centers around valuing and enhancing the uniqueness of each person, providing them with the opportunity to express themselves authentically through their products.

Word of the funder

Everyone wants to be unique, have you ever wondered why ?